Learning to live with so little

Embarking on this journey I was only expect g a week long trip in Florida and camping too, so I took only the essentials and the bare minimum. 24 days later with only 2 pairs of jeans, 2 pairs of stretch pants a few shirts and couple of dresses most clothes can walk on their own, thankfully I can spend most of my time barely dressed in the balmy hot Florida sun on the coast of the gulf of mexico right now.


Bought a bike right away and on the first 6 mile drive found the gears dont work.  Pawn shop bike is a pawn shop bike.  the gear shifter on the large gear is smakshed.  At least it is tuck in 2 and not 3 or 1.  good beach crusier, but not gonna be good for long distnacs.


Travelling with Steve brings another level of issues.  we now know we need a bike trolley he can ride in.  We have probably walked 20 miles at least in the past two weeks since the cars are all gone.  I have laerned to “hold it” for insane amounts of time.  saving grace is my house has a toilet :D.  Us



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