I decided to embark on a journey.

It started with an idea.  The kind of idea that grows and grows and almost becomes a life of its own at times.  I have the advantage of being able to work remotely, which allows me the ability to live anywhere.  Well where do you want to live?  My first choice.  I went for is an island.  Where else if you could live anywhere would you want to go.  Of course there all types of islands.  Hawaii for example or a remote island on some remote unknown little river is some remote state in our great country island can be both city or the most remote living you can think.  I went with what i considered to be the middle of the road.  You do need a boat or a plane to get there which makes everything just a little bit harder.  Now buying process will enlighten you on exactly how much of a life change that is going to be.

We will get back to those woes in just a few.  First I have to let go of the home I am in.  I started this blog with the intention of an extension on my other blog my wild gardens and was about to start a new idea for a gallery home dinner entertainment establishment that was my home.   I planned on doing my wild house in dublin.  But as I was trasporting wild plants from the islands of lake eerier how or just relizing I leaft the island with only a handful of seeds that would probable not have made it anyway when I thougth.  why i am trying to bring the island to dublin. why not go to the island.  I have threatened it everytime I go to the shore or an island which the only places i go on vacation or haliday or pto of whatever brain refresher you call it.  all i know is I never want to leave.  I always think I really really really want to stay.  I know we all want to .. who doesnt want to stay in vacation land.  I want my world consumed by new comeers that I get to share my world with.  I want to be my own center of my own universe.  I mean the middle of what I need to survie. and not need much.  Need creativity and love and passion and insightful and imagination and growth.  of course you need to eat.  I am convinced I can survive on food i grow even if i grow it in my home.  but mostly i think i forage in pretty much any area and eat.  Especially if it is an island…

The first thing I had to do was put my house on the market. Well not exactly I put an offer on my dream house first… then came home and knew to really do this I had to get rid of my dream house.  I started to miculously remove myself packing all of me in abox and putting it storage.  I showed the place while i did this and noticed as I removed me people we much more comfortable.  The house is now perfect. Well it has its quierks as a 1970s house but cool and ready for a new owner to make it there own.  I am out.  or so i thought. i will eventually go into all of the complexities that this particliar property brought to the table and apparently I did not learn my lesson because the house I am currently on the “hook” for is pretty much the diamond or turd I have here currently in my hand.  Now it is an amazing property and one I really think I can work with I end up with it, but now as things seem to slip from reach my wondering eye is looking at my next location…  maybe this island that does not appear to really want me is just like dublin and the search for my new home must continue without a home.. or is my wild home the adventure i need to make the change to make my journey complete…

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